We are pleased to announce that the Kabuki UK Grants Application Scheme is now up and running. The grant scheme can be used to purchase;


Mobility Equipment - anything that you might need to make it easier to get around, wheelchairs, walkers, lycra suits, specialist car seats etc


Educational and Sensory Equipment - iPads or similar, specialist key boards, light tubes, reading aids, bubble tubes, fibre optics, writing slopes etc


The Grant Scheme has been one of the charity’s goals since the beginning and we are very proud that combined fundraising efforts mean that we now have the money to make a real difference to some of the people in our community.


We look forward to receiving applications. You can download the Grant Application Package by clicking the link below;


Download the Grant Scheme Application Form

Antoni's Trike

Antoni's Mum Kasia says "We would like to say big THANK YOU to Kabuki UK for making a bicycle ride possible for Antoni. Antoni, who is soon going to be 7 years old, has never been able to ride a bicycle. We tried balance bikes, stabilizers, cycling lessons, but it was all too much for him to handle. He lacks muscle strength and the ability focus to on a task to be able to control a bicycle. He always wanted to ride and was keen to try specialized ones at school. Together with physiotherapist, we decided it would be good for Antoni to have a trike for after school use. We did not realize how much more expensive the specialized trikes are compared to regular bicycles, so we asked Kabuki UK for help. They were tremendous with their responsiveness and assistance they provided. We applied for a grant which was approved and several weeks later, here we go … Antoni’s first bicycle ride! He had a choice of colour and gadgets. He proudly selected red and said that he will now be a postman delivering mail!"

Kai's iPad

Kai's Mum Carol said "We would like to thank the trustees and fundraisers of Kabuki UK for funding an iPad for Kai. Kai was recently diagnosed with the KDM6A Kabuki mutation and is on the severe end of the Kabuki scale.  He has partial sight and is non-verbal.  The iPad will really help with his partial sight and also help with his communication.  He loves music and will enjoy the musical apps.  Thanks again."

Chantelle's Pushchair

"Thank you so so much for our Kabuki UK grant, we finally get to go out and about on long walks in the fresh air as a family!!! Something as simple as this really is so appreciated as it gives us time to relax and spent quality time together. We usually have to go everywhere in the car or on Chantelle has to stay at home as she can't walk far xxx We really appreciate the help from Kabuki UK."

Armaseena's Pushchair

"Armaseena is really enjoying her pushchair! I would like to say a massive thank you to Kabuki U.K. Grant scheme. I applied for a grant for Armaseena and was successful, and now getting around is so much easier and more comfortable for her. The application process is straight forward and easy to apply. 😀 Thank you so much."

Vegas's Trike

"Showing the delight on being able to ride to the park on her fabulous Rehatri trike which she received with the help from Kabuki UK grant scheme....

Thank you 

Karin & Wee V"

Beau's Car seat

In 2015 the Snowdon family applied for a grant to buy a specialist car seat for their son Beau. He had outgrown his regular car seat and could easily let himself yout of the fastenings which was dangerous for Beau and for the other people in the car. 

We liaised with Beau's parents Tim & Nikita, they specified which car seat they felt would be best and contacted the supplier, JonCare ( We would like to thank Richard Bowes and his team at JonCare North for their help.

Its great to see Beau enjoying his new seat, we are told that he can climb in and out of it himself and that the fastenings are so secure that he doesn't try to escape any more.

Jadon's iPad

Here is Jadon Teague using his new iPad. It was bought for him using the Kabuki UK Grant Scheme. 

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