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One of our main aims is to promote awareness of Kabuki Syndrome amongst the medical profession. As the syndrome is so rare and has historically been under diagnised we often find that our members have to explain all about the syndrome every time they meet a new practitioner. Some members find this rather upsetting, especially if they are newly diagnosed. 


We have developed some downloadable resources which amy help you in your interaction with our members and may also help to spread the word about Kabuki Syndrome and Kabuki UK.


Kabuki UK Printable Overview Document

This document explains who we are and what we do but is in a format that is designed to be printed out. Click here to download the PDF.

Hospital Awareness Poster

It would be wonderful if as many hospitals and medical centres as possible could display this poster. You never know if it could help the next person sitting in your reception area. Click here to download the PDF. 

Grants Information

Kabuki UK provide grants for specialised equipment for people who have Kabuki Syndrome. If you have someone in your care that may benefit from this please click here to download the PDF.


We aim to produce a newsletter every six months, one in the Spring and one in the Autumn. You can download past coppies here. If you would like to be sent the next one please register as a member and it will be emailed to you.


If you would like to stop receiving the newsletter just drop us an email and we will take you off the list.


Download Issue 3


Download Issue 2


Download Issue 1


Membership of Kabuki UK is open to interested professionals as well as families. If you would like to register asa member please click here to go to the membership form. We will keep you informed of Family Days and send you the newsletter.


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For Medical Professionals

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